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C-1 Composite Pedestal:


Price: $120, $150

The River Elf C-1 pedestal was designed for slalom C-1's to impart subtle lean changes directly and instantaneously to the hull of the boat.

Foam seats tend to deform first before transmitting your energy information into the hull. Foam seats also absorb water and add extra weight to the boat.

The rigid fiberglass (or carbon) structure of the River Elf pedestal provides a direct and crisp connection directly to the hull and keeps the boat drier. Thwarts are sometimes used to provide a similar connection to a C-1 but make it more difficult for the boater to exit the cockpit. The River Elf C-1 pedestal answers the call - providing the connection advantage of a thwart with the safety inherent in a pedestal.

Colored composite layup: $120, Carbon layup: $150

Note: this accessory does not include installation materials. If you need resin or other materials, we do sell install kits separately.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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