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Storm Chaser C-1 (Small - Medium):


$2350 (Standard), $3050 (Premium)

The Storm Chaser S-M has become our go to C-1 and combines the same semi-plane-ing hull, soft chines, and high rocker of the Storm Chaser L-XL into a narrower package. The result is a faster boat thats easier to throw around and yet only slightly less stable than the wider version. This boat will fly!

Here are the key features of the S-M version of the Storm Chaser:

  • primary construction: kevlar/epoxy with rib system reinforcement.
  • deck: carbon reinforced to impart stiffness and structure.
  • hull: carbon/kevlar hybrid reinforced to balance impact and stiffness.
  • triple seamed for toughness.
  • minicell pillars and carbon pillar guides.
  • carbon bow shock absorber.
  • stainless steel security lock-down loop and accessory attachment point.
  • slightly smaller cockpit than the wider version.
  • four light but tough and beefy grab loops.

See our C-1 Outfitting Selection Guide, Accessories Page, and Price List to choose the parts, options and installation that are right for you.

We now offer our boats in three different layups: Standard, Premium, Premium-FD.

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