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Foam Knee Cups:


Price: $65/Pair

Our foam knee cups are carved from 4.25 inch thick minicell blocks to create deep cups that keep you in stance and won't allow you to slide forward in the boat. The bottom thickness is 0.5 inches providing ample cushion yet keeping you near the hull for better surface feel and control. Side walls are 1 inch thick and will flex into a slight "V" shape to comfortably conform to fit your folded leg. We leave the foam "skin" attached to the top plane for extra structure and better durability.

The total knee cup width is usually between 6 and 7 inches for most adults but can be cut smaller or larger to fit your leg size.

To determine your knee-cup measurements, do the following:

Sit in a chair with your leg folded at roughly a right angle. Measure linearly 4 inches from the top of your knee cap toward your torso along the center of your femur. At that point, measure perpendicularly across your leg to obtain your "cup width".

Add 2 inches (for the walls) to your measured "cup width" for a "total width". Specify your "total width" when ordering.

(Tip: measure using a ruler or rigid measuring tape and "eyeball" your approximate "cup width" - don't use a flexible measuring tape).

Our knee cups are shipped with "squared" sides. You will likely need to cut down the outside bottom corners (on the chine side) and sculpt to fit the curvature of your particular boat. We do offer pre-curved knee cups at $100/pair.

Approximate weight of one pair of "squared" knee cups is 6 oz.

For installation instructions, click here.

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