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High Profile Hip Blocks:


Price: $105

Dial in the direction and power of your strokes and turns with a set of properly installed River Elf hip blocks. When you're firmly attached to the side of your boat even the most subtle movement is translated into enhanced lateral control and more powerful forward propulsion. Add a small layer of foam to the sides of your hip blocks to create a custom fit and you'll wonder how you ever paddled C-1 without them!

Installed, our high profile hip blocks sit 2.25 inches above the height of the cockpit rim and are tapered to fit unobtrusively under your skirt. They each measure 1 inch in width to accommodate narrow cockpits. The total face height (which receives the foam) is about 3 inches.

We generally recommend high profile hip blocks for applications where your seat height is 5 inches or above. For low seat heights, we recommend our slalom hip blocks.

Weight of uninstalled blocks is approximately 6 oz - installed, adds 8 oz to your boat.

Our hipblocks are available in: carbon fiber, or the color of your choice.

Includes: minicell foam shims to glue to faces of hip blocks after installation.

Note: this accessory does not include installation materials. If you need resin or other materials, we can help you source those items.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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