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Complete C-1 Outfitting Kit:


Price: $185

Our complete C-1 outfitting system. Kit includes:

One six inch foam pedestal, one pair of knee cups, one set of foot pads, one set of non-carbon hip blocks (your choice of style), foam for hip blocks, and one set of four strap anchors. Straps not included. Basic kit does not include epoxy resin or other installation materials.


Subtract $10 for three inch slalom foam pedestal.

Add $45 to upgrade to composite pedestal.

Add $75 to upgrade to carbon pedestal.

Add $15 to upgrade to carbon hip blocks

Add $30 for install kit.

Install kit includes: pre-mixed black resin/micro balloons, epoxy resin, hardener, kevlar reinforcement cloth, kevlar flat tape, kevlar bias tape, and peel ply - everything needed to install your anchors, hip blocks and composite seat that you can't find at your local hardware store.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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