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Slalom Hip Blocks:


Price: $105

Our latest generation of C-1 hip blocks were designed to meet the needs of modern slalom boats. These blocks feature a middle phlange position which allows the sides to extend down into the cockpit for better hip contact from a very low seat height.

Installed, our modern slalom hip blocks sit 1 inch above the height of the cockpit rim and extend down 2 inches into the cockpit for a total face height of 3 inches. They each measure 1 inch in width and are designed to accommodate narrow cockpits. The tops are curved and tapered to fit unobtrusively under your skirt. Add a small layer of foam to the sides of your hip blocks to create a custom fit.

Weight of uninstalled blocks is approximately 6 oz - installed, adds 8 oz to your boat.

Our hipblocks are available in: carbon fiber, or the color of your choice.

Includes: minicell foam shims to glue to faces of hip blocks after installation.

Note: this accessory does not include installation materials. If you need resin or other materials, we can help you source those items.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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