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River Elf is a family owned whitewater luthier company dedicated to bringing you unique and well thought out boats and accessories. Every product we sell is designed and handcrafted here in the USA. We sell directly to the customer to offer you high quality innovative products at reasonable cost.

Our boats are primarily kevlar and epoxy construction reinforced in all the right places and triple seamed. In addition, we selectively utilize carbon fiber, s-glass, and hybrid fabrics to fine tune the properties of our decks and hulls and engineer for the right combination of stiffness and "give" to create a very lightweight, highly responsive yet super tough boat!

At River Elf we believe that the future of whitewater kayaking and c-boating is in composites. We are out to prove it by constantly experimenting to innovate better engineered boats. Come join us on the cutting edge of whitewater technology!