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Welcome to River Elf!

Since 2013, River Elf has been at the forefront of whitewater innovation: building modern boats from modern materials. We are confident that once you discover the joy of paddling a composite kayak or C-1 that you'll never want to go back to plastic.



Our customers are the reason we are here and the reason River Elf continues to move whitewater boating into the future. We are very grateful for your support over the last many years!


NEW! Premium Layups

River Elf is now offering two new premium layups for all of our boats. These new layup options simplify and replace the various custom builds that many of our customers have purchased in the past. We start with our tried and true "Standard" layup that has been refined and improved over the years and take it one step further to create our strongest boats yet!

Our new "Premium" layup incorporates additional fabric in both the deck and hull for extreme stiffness, better impact resistance and enhanced abrasion capacity with a minimal increase in weight.

Our new "Premium-FD" (foam deck) pairs our "Premium" hull with a very light and stiff foam core deck. A "Premium-FD" layup will weigh about the same as our "Standard" layup.

See our boat order page for more details.


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