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Accessory Loops:


Price: $24

There are a variety of ways to creatively customize the setup in your kayak or C-1 with our small accessory loops. Secure your throw bag, water bottle, dry box, or airbags to your composite boat by running straps between installed anchor points.

Our accessory anchors are designed for quick and easy installation while adding minimal weight to your boat. They are made from 3 or 4mm nylon cord, kevlar cloth, and formed in 1" loops. We also include pre-cut peel ply covers for a smooth finish.

With some nylon cord, kevlar swatches, and a little patience you can make these type of loop anchors yourself. For those who prefer the convenience of purchasing pre-made loops, we offer ours at $4/loop with a minimum order of 6 loops.

Note: this accessory does not include installation materials. If you need resin or other materials, we can help you source those items.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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