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River Elf C-1 Skirts:


Price: $135

River Elf is now building custom C-1 skirts in-house!

If you are looking for a C-1 skirt, we aim to be your one stop shop to find just exactly what you need.

We provide skirts that precisely fit our C-1, and C-2 cockpits as well as other designs both old and new alike! Do you need a skirt for an out-of production plastic boat, or a vintage old school slalom design? We can probably help.

We offer multiple deck sizes and highly customized tubes to give you a perfect fit for your boat and your torso. Our skirts are made from 3mm neoprene with a 3/8" sewn bungee, standard pull loop, and a 13" tall oval tube. Other options include: flat (slalom) tab style pulls, high tension bungees, small diameter bungees, and custom tube heights.

Gone are the days of "off the rack" spray skirts - with River Elf, think custom!

We will soon add more info here to help with skirt selection, but in the meantime, if you are interested in ordering a C-1 skirt, please contact us for help with your order.

How To Order