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Slalom C-1 Foam Pedestal:


Price: $55

Nowadays, slalom C-1 technique and modern narrow boat design generally require a low seat. Our slalom foam pedestal has the same design and specifications as our recreational version except it is 3 inches lower.

General dimensions:

total length = 18 inches; total height = 9 inches, width = 9 inches (tapers to 6 inches)

seat height = 3 inches; seat width = 9 inches, seat depth = 7-10 inches

This size will allow you room to cut the seat to your desired height, width and depth. The 18 inch length provides ample room to notch and position part of the seat under the cockpit to give additional support to your boat.

The seat comes in three separate pieces for easy installation and quick modification to fit into most any C-1.

See our standard foam pedestal for applications that require a seat that is greater than 3 inches in height.

Initial weight of slalom foam pedestal is approximately 13 oz.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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