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Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead System:


Price: $395

Our patented Adjustable Cinching Bulkhead System was designed in-house here at River Elf for use in our composite kayaks. Using loop anchors, flexible webbing, a floating bulkhead fitted into a carbon pillar sleeve, and a bungeee cord, our system offers all the advantages of a large foot rest platform with the added benefit of easy adjustability - all in an extremely light weight package.

At the heart of the ACB system are two flexible straps which serve as the support mechanism for the bulkhead. By coupling these straps with strap adjusting hardware, the bulkhead can be cinched tight to form a custom fit for your legs/body. Releasing the strap adjusters, a hidden bungee cord (anchored at the nose of the boat) pulls the bulkhead into the bow.

Imagine being able to pop your skirt, reach into your boat and loosen the tension on your foot rest to stretch your legs during a calm stretch of water. Through the action of the bungee cord, the bulkhead snaps away from you and into the bow. When the next rapid approaches, pull the straps (cinching your bulkhead back tight into place) and secure your skirt to the rim. Voila, you’re ready to go again - all of this without ever having to exit the boat!

If your buddy wants to try your kayak, it’s easy for them to hop in and adjust the bulkhead to their leg length – creating an immediate custom fit without ever having to fool with tools or disassembly. Our ACB system also has the added benefit of utilizing a full size minicell pillar in the bow for maximum support of the deck and hull.

  • bulkhead assembly with carbon foot pedals.
  • choice of pedal size based on customer height (several sizes available).
  • straps, bungee, and connecting hardware.
  • extra backup hardware.
  • 0.5" and 1" foam pedal shims that can be glued to the pedal for fit and grip.

Free installation with the purchase of a River Elf kayak.

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