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Welcome to River Elf!

Since 2013, River Elf has been at the forefront of whitewater innovation: building modern boats from modern materials. We are confident that once you discover the joy of paddling a composite kayak or C-1 that you'll never want to go back to plastic.

Special thanks to our customers throughout the years. Your support is what allows us to continue to move whitewater boating into the future!



Our Mission

At River Elf we believe that the future of whitewater paddling is in modern composites delivering innovative design to whitewater river running.

River Elf is a family owned company. Every product we sell is designed and handcrafted in the USA at our shop here in Alabama. We sell direct to the customer offering high quality innovative products at reasonable prices.



NEW! Spray Skirts

River Elf is now making both kayak and C-1 spray skirts designed to fit our composite rims. Our skirts feature a flat euro-style deck with a sewn bungee and highly customizable tubes sized to your individual torso.

In support of the greater C-Boating community, we are also offering an additional selection of skirts designed for modern and legacy C-1's alike:

Do you need a skirt for a vintage slalom or squirt C-1 that requires a small deck? A medium deck skirt for a modern slalom C-1? Or maybe a skirt for that classic plastic C-1 that's been sitting in your garage? We can probably help!

See our products page for more details.



NEW! Pearlescent Boat Finishes

We are now offering pearlescent and iridescent boat finishes that mimic a "metallic" look - think: "candy apple red", "white pearl", "lake placid blue", "shamrock green", or "copper".

These special sparkly finishes can be created from any of our base colors and mixed to your specification. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. If you are interested in this style finish, let us know when you place your order.

The kayaks below are both royal purple "metallic".



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