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Kayak Backband Seat:


Price: $325

Our carbon and kevlar backband seat is designed to accomodate a variety of backband options. The backless tower design is shaped to offer rigid, lightweight structural support to your River Elf kayak!

Our seats are fitted with an Immersion Research Reggie Backband and include rubber washers, stainless steel hardware, and minicell under foam for mounting.

Unless requested otherwise, we also ship the seat with 0.5" minicell seat padding already installed.

Hip pads and shims sold separately.

With the purchase of a River Elf kayak, we will mount your seat for free. However, we do require a $50 installation charge to glass in the necessary attachment loops to secure the backband bungees and straps inside your kayak.

As a lower cost option, we offer our backless seat (without the backband) for $240. We'll mount it into your boat. You provide and install your own backband.

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